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10 June 2007 @ 10:23 pm
Hey, check out this cool new Brett Lee website here.
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18 January 2007 @ 12:52 pm
Any pup fans will enjoy this, it's amazingly cute. :D

26 April 2006 @ 09:29 pm
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Pup got a fifty, 2 wickets and a catch!

Isn't he a cutie?
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23 April 2006 @ 01:48 pm
Poor Michael! Thirteen stitches *winces*

Wishing him a speedy recovery :(  

Nice catch Mike *smirks*
27 March 2006 @ 10:12 am

Hey guys!
This isn't strictly Michael related (sorry :D) but I'm sure you won't mind when you know that it's for one of our fabbo mods!
So, I'd like all of you to join me in wishing the very fabulous ladyfirehair a...
HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

*throws confetti*

hope you have a Michael-tastic day and party hearty :D

28 February 2006 @ 07:44 pm
This was for ladyfirehair but cause I'm nice, I shall share it with all of you folk.


Enjoy darlings.
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25 February 2006 @ 12:09 pm
Thanks to the help of dizzysgurl with the commentry:

The toss went South Africa’s way and under clear skies, Graeme Smith elected to bat first. Moments later in rolled the rain and a delay of two hours. We all feared the worst when Sky talked optimistically of 7 overs each.

Then miraculously, the skies cleared and a delayed full match was announced. Here we have to mention that we greatly appreciated the Saffa stripes, very slimming. However the stripes weren’t going to make them go any faster and Brett Lee welcomed the new South African opener with a bouncer to the head.

First showing of Pup was a beautifully taken catch to dismiss Johan van de Wath – you gotta love it. He was batting pretty far down the order so there were those among us who had hoped not to see him – sadly this was not to be. Gilly gone for 1 and Ponting shortly after for 6 both to some slightly strange lbw calls brought Pup closer to his shining moment.

Martyn pulled a few nice shots before mistiming a shot back to Newbie-Wickie AB. Enter Pup with the Aussies on 53-3 – we needed a good innings from the hard hitting hottie and he was not to disappoint. We were treated to some stunning sixes in his brief partnership with Katich before the latter was caught by Smith leaving Australia on 78-4 and Pup as the lynchpin on which victory hinged.

It’s just not Shane Watson’s day is it? Smacked around by the Saffas when he bowls and now bowled when he tries to smack – Ponting’s face is a picture. Anyway Brad Hogg comes out to join Pup on 21. Come on Michael! Prove to those doubters that you aren’t just a pretty face!

Smith comes in to bowl his second over and is hit for a straight 6. Pup’s obviously out for revenge. Another ball and another 6, someone had better tell the South African captain not to bowl full tosses to our boys, that’s if he’ll listen.

…And it’s all over. A fast ball by Peterson sneaks past his bat and Pup is stumped by AB. Ahh well, he’s held it down for Australia and given them some much needed stability against a tumble of wickets. Very nice viewing, nice cricket too.

Full Commentry:

SA won toss and elected to bat
Rain delayed play for 2 hours, fears of shortened game but eventually still had 20 overs each
SA in stripes? we approve, they're slimming.
Brett Lee smacks a bouncer into Loots 1st ball he faces.
Hogg manages a comedy field and pushes the ball to the boundary trying to prevent it.
Marto manages to stop a stupidly quick ball after 4.3 overs - saved 4.
Lee and Boseman having a bit of a chat.
Mick Lewis dropped a DOLLY off Gibbs - should have been out. Next ball manages to fumble a boundary (poor bloke)
Clarke catches van de Wath!
201-4 Smith 89 not out YES!

Gilly out for 1 to a questionable lbw call. It pitched outside leg and was missing all three stumps. Commentary team are unamused.
Ponting follows in Gilly's footsteps another iffy call. Hawkeye says it would have missed. Nontheless out for 6.
Martyn - hits some lovely boundaries he's looking like ''vintage Martyn'' according to the commentators.
Ouch he's out - edged back to AB and caught. Aus on 53-3 he got 17 off 9 balls with 3 4s in it
Clarke - ooh nice 6!
Katich out - b. Telemachus c. Smith (booyah!) cutely hugged by AB Aus on 78-4
Clarke now lynchpin
Smith bowls 10th over - ''Go skip'' from AB (4 runs off over)
Aus 88-4
Watson out for 4 off 6 b. Peterson. (Ponting's face is a picture)
Here comes Brad Hogg, joins Clarke on 21 pressure mounting on MC
Smith again, 12th over - straight for 6
100 up for Aus
Someone tell Smith NOT to bowl full tosses at Clarke (C has 3 6s)
We feel there is a lack of AB ass.
Extremely strange mix of music.
MASSIVE 6 from Hogg, back to embankment.
Clarke out. Stumped AB b. Peterson Aus 124-6
Massive mix up. Hogg gets a life. Umpire makes a ''shocker'' of a mistake. Bat involved in an edged catch which is not given. SA players (and the rest of us - in disbelief)
This match has contained the most 6s ever in a 20/20 - this last one was hit by Hogg.
Brad Hogg out on 41 c. Smith! 181-7
21 from 8 balls required.
19 from the last over. Ntini to bowl it.
4 (15-5 required)
2 (13-4)
1 (11-3)
1 (10-2)
1 (9-1)
Brett Lee hits the last ball for 6 but it is not enough - SA win by 2 runs!!!

What was the go with the South African stripes?
I hope the commentry is alright!
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11 February 2006 @ 12:18 pm
Oh! I missed having net - and what a lovely new commentary.

Anyways, did you watch the synchronized jump by Mickey and Ponting?

Also the last match, Mickey dived to stop a ball, and there was a long shot of him stretching, and getting up. Gods, he looked like a prowling tiger, just poised to launch at his prey - SHAGADELIC as Austin Powers would say.

I wonder if Pup is frightened of losing hair - every chance he gets, even breaks between overs, he takes off the helmet, and fluffs his hair - and I melt!

Has anyone counted the number of runouts of his own team Pup has been involved in, in the VB series - he is just too enthusiastic, I hope such mishaps don't happen anymore.

Poor BB - both times he got high scores - the team lost - but it's not his fault, the other guys just kept getting out, he had to hold one side, he couldn't have hit all balls, and risk getting out, then Aussies would have lost with a higher margin.
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20 January 2006 @ 07:45 pm
Please can i get a thorough commentary on how Pup played today, because i couldn't watch even a moment of the match due to work in college.